RatchetProJS v1.0.0 released! A lightweight mobile framework let you build things easier.

So what’s RatchetPro.js? Two years ago, I found a prime project released by twitter - Ratchet.js. It’s lightweight, only contains core functions to run HTML5 web apps. Compare to JQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch, it’s more like a library other than a framework. It’s extremely useful if you already familiar with bootstrap. I implemented my several mobile HTML5 apps based on Ratchet.js and it runs very smoothly and quickly.

However, Ratchet.js has stopped updating for over a year. It’s sad. As small and lightweight library is more and more poplular than a big, full-featured framework nowadays, Ratchet.js should be a perfect solution to provide basic infrastructure of a web app. Hence, I decided to fork Ratchet.js and continue the development of it. That’s why RatchetPro.js coming out.

The main improvement of the RatchetPro.js v1.0.0 is introduced PageManager. It solves the problem of “Execute custom script after page loaded with Ratchet\Push.js” and “Executing several JS files with Ratchet push.js library”. It also takes care of caching loaded js.

The documentation and examples can be found HERE. Happy coding :)

Written on October 13, 2015